Sunday, November 24, 2013

21:11:2013 -- I AM Come

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Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

November 21, 2013

I AM Come

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to be with you this day. And I am so grateful Dear Ones, to be with you in this way. I am so grateful that you keep showing up here like this, that you are so willing to hear the words I come to impart and I will keep showing up for you my Dear Ones in whatever way I am able to for as long as you need me to. I will be with each and every one of you every step of the way until you are safely Home.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones, deep down into your belly, inhale the brightest white Light you can imagine and exhale out all the unconsciousness that yet remains within your Being. Repeat this several times if it feels good to do so Dear Ones, up to 7 times is about right but go with what feels right for you, this is the Golden Rule always Dear Ones. What feels right for you is always right for you.

Dear Ones I am always with you and always available for you at any time, outwith these messages. I have imparted many times that you need only call my name and I will be there, you do not even need to call my name out loud, I am but a thought away. There are some times Dear Ones when I come to you individually for many different reasons and I would like to make myself known to you in a way that you easily recognise and are left in no doubt that I am with you.

Such times may be when you require little reminder that I am here for you or sometimes it might be to remind you to pay attention to what is occurring in that moment that I make myself known to you. Mostly I will be alerting you to something significant, gently nudging you in the right direction. Or maybe I just need some quiet time with you, I might just need you to go into a still quiet place within yourself so that we may be in communion.

Dear Ones, for whatever the myriad of reasons, there are times when I need to alert you to my presence and if you will, I would very much like to take you upon a meditation, a journey to find out how I will appear to you because Precious Hearts, it will be totally unique to you, the way in which I will make myself known to each of you.

So if it feels good to do so Dear Ones, take a moment to quite yourself, still your mind, take some deep, deep breaths, make sure you will not be disturbed for the next few minutes and relax every cell in your body.....relax relax relax, every fibre of your being, deep, deeper........and like last time, walk with me awhile, take my hand and we will take a stroll into a beautiful woodland, a magical forest bursting with life that is so eager to greet you and welcome you and enfold you in its magical energy, you can feel the whole forest breathe and as it does so it pulls you into its loving embrace, everything you set your eyes upon you know is loving you, the grass under your feet is soft and warm and it feels like your feet are being hugged with every step, the trees are beaming their beautiful energy at you and waving their branches as if to gently beckon you forward into the forest and there is a grass path to follow and we stroll down it smelling all the beautiful fragrances of the flowers and listening to all the sounds of the birds who are singing a chorus for us. To the side you can see animals quietly grazing and watching, some of them following along, all kinds of creatures and up ahead you can see a clearing and in that clearing is a bench for us to rest upon, the most beautiful carved bench with the most comfortable cushions that mould to gently support your body as you sit upon it. And we sit in silence upon this bench and in silence we wait. For out from the forest will appear the sound, the colour, the form, the symbol, the shape that I will take when I wish to alert you to my presence. Be patient with this. Wait until something appears, do not force the timing, wait and when you are quite sure you have the colour or smell or shape or symbol or sound, (for it may be any of those things) then sit awhile and feel the energy of me. Take your time and receive me. Feel what I feel like so that you know without a doubt when I come to call.

Dear Ones, I know some of you already know how I appear to you but some of you have forgotten and some of you rely a little too heavily on these messages to connect with me. You all have your own individual connection and intimate relationship with me available to you. Please do not deny yourself the comfort and help I can supply you, yes you Precious Heart!

Dear Ones you are in great need of comfort at this time, make time and take time to connect with me or any of the Ascended Realm or Archangelic or Angelic Realms. Take all the comfort you need, receive it in every cell of your body and you will pass through these challenging and demanding times with all the Ease and Grace of God. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you Dear Ones, let me show you how much. God Bless you.

This message is a gift, please feel free to copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

15:11:2013 -- Spiritual Growth

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Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

November 15, 2013

Spiritual Growth 

I AM Lord Emanuel and I come to greet you this day Dear Ones! How are you? How are you? Indeed Dear Ones, this is a fine question is it not in these turbulent times? My goodness, my goodness, if you could only see what I can see and what we in the Ascended Realm can see, for it is a very different picture from what you are seeing my Dear Ones and it is this difference that causes you so much undue stress Precious Hearts. Or you hear the words I speak and you feel them in your heart and you know in you heart when you hear the truth and yet so much is open to interpretation, such is the limitation of the written words. However, Dear Ones, you must understand that each of you individually reads these words and gets exactly that you are meant to get from them, even if it is not what you are expecting.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones, deep, deep breath, and really do this my Dear Ones, really do this for I cannot express enough to you the difference it makes in the amount of healing you will receive in this moment for I AM with you and if you take the time to connect more yourself, I can come closer to you and you are in a better state of being to receive me. Deep breath Dear Ones.

Dear Hearts you have been so patient and even if you do not recognise it in yourselves, you have come so far, so far Dear Ones. If you can cast your mind back to 21st December 2012 when many of you expected great and sudden shifts in your outer world, think back to that time Dear Ones, if you can and remember who you were then. Can you do this? I can. And think of yourself now Dear Ones, do you see it? How much you have grown? I do Dear Ones and it is quite staggering to see you come on in such leaps and bounds in your spiritual evolvement. I can tell you now, you are all very different people from who you were back on that day of December 21st 2012.

I know many of you would have rather seen the monumental shifts that are coming to your planet on that day and I know many of you longed for the changes that are coming to be all done on that day. But do you see Dear Ones, no matter how disappointing it may have been to some of you, can you see how it has made you dig deeper? Do you see how it has caused you to find more? More resolve in what you know to be true? More determination to be the best that you can be? More strength and most importantly I see you all have more sovereignty. For in not knowing who to listen to, in not knowing what to believe you have been forced Dear Ones, to look within and listen to your heart.

And I tell you Dear Ones, this you must do more and more in the days ahead. I know you have heard this many times but Dear Ones I will not tire of telling you and I will not stop reminding you until I know that you have truly got it. Your heart Dear Ones, is the only intelligence you must listen to. This is the only place you will find the absolute Truth. Your Truth. No one can tell you this, no one can predict this, no one can feel what you are feeling, no one else can hear your voice of God/Goddess All That Is that speaks to you through your heart.

Dear Ones I know you can feel it, great changes are coming to your outer world make no mistake. If you do not already do so I urge you with all my heart to start paying attention to your heart when you read channelled messages, when you listen to news and when you search on the internet for information. Place your attention on your heart centre, make a conscious decision to do this before you enter into reading or listening to anything, pay attention to where your energy is in your body and if much of your energy is in your head, draw it down to your heart centre, you can do this with your breath by inhaling 'down' the energy into your heart or just by the power of your own intention.

Take your energy down into your heart space and PAY ATTENTION to what you heart is telling you. Dear Ones this is so vitally important. The dark Ones know their time is up and now they simply are fighting for their own individual lives. It is going to get very ugly Dear Ones as these individuals who currently run your world start to literally say anything to preserve their own skin. They will turn against each other and it will be impossible for those who think only from their mind to discern who is telling the truth.

Only those souls who have learned to feel their way, only those who have learned to trust their heart and their feelings will know with absolute certainty who to believe. Listen to your heart Dear Ones and TRUST what you FEEL. Trust your own intelligent heart.

Precious Hearts you have come so far. If only you could see just how far from my vantage point. The time is fast approaching when you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt just how far you have come. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you, I Love you Precious Hearts. God Bless you.

This message is a gift, please feel free to copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

09:11:2013 -- Personal Protection (Part 2)

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Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

November 09, 2013

Personal Protection - Part 2 

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day my Dear Precious Hearts, how are you this day? Take a deep breath, inhale the Sacred Fire Light of God, breathe it deep into your Being as far down in your belly as you can and exhale out all the worry, stress and all the thoughts of the day good or bad, let them all flow out and away. Repeat this Dear Ones, if you wish and if it feels good to do so, repeat this sacred breath as many times as you feel comfortable to do and at least until you are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I AM with you, here and now, in this present moment I AM with you. One last deep breath. Ah, now does that not feel good?

And for those of you who still skip that part, I urge you with all my heart to go back and give it a try, put aside any judgement you may have and just give it a try. Dear Ones you will gain infinitely more healing from these words and the energy contained within them if you take a few moments to connect more deeply through the sacred breath.

Now Dear Ones, I do believe I promised you a continuation of the last message where upon I ran out of time and words if you will to complete what I came to impart to you. Dear Ones, I could not short cut this message for it is vitally important that you realise the importance of your life time upon this Earth at this time. I will not cut short the explanation of this but I do have to take into consideration the optimum amount of words I can use before the human system becomes tired or overloaded.

So my Dear Ones, I wished to impress upon you just yesterday the importance of you, the difference that you are making and the absolutely vital role that you play in the Divine Plan of the 7th Golden Age upon your blessed Planet Earth. And I think you will agree Dear Ones, that your surface Earth continues to be a very fragile and hostile place to be. We in the Ascended Realm consider your planet to be a very hostile place indeed and we are forbidden by the command of the Great Divine Director from ever appearing upon the surface of planet Earth again until there are sufficient numbers of you Children of the Light walking as Christed Beings upon the Earth. Until that day, it is deemed too dangerous for an Ascended Master to appear publicly upon your planet.

So we offer you protection Dear Ones. You have available to you Almighty protection from on High that will render you invisible, invincible and invulnerable to all the discord that yet exists in your outer world upon your planet. This protection Dear Ones must be called for, as you well know by now for I have imparted this many times, we in the Ascended Realm cannot intervene in any life stream upon the Earth unless that life stream has called it forth. You are on a Free Will planet and you have been granted Free Will by Creator meaning no one can interfere with your life stream without your permission and without your invitation.

Once you have made up your mind that you desire the help and assistance and protection of the Ascended and Angelic Realms, then Dear Ones, the level of assistance we can give you depends very much upon the quality and quantity of your 'ask' if you will. When you call upon us Dear Ones we require the energy of Love in order to respond to you, meaning Dear Ones, that when you ask you must FEEL within you Love and gratitude, genuine and heartfelt. This Dear Ones sends out a charge with your call which we can work with and multiply in sending back to you. Also Dear Ones, asking once is not enough, the energy that you send to us in your calling us forth builds a momentum over time.

Dear Ones you must understand that you are human and the human condition is fraught with fear and doubt. It is this fear and doubt that interferes with the quality of your ask and weakens the 'signal' you send if you will. This is why you must ask daily my Dear ones, yes daily, with a heart of Love and gratitude and your calls will be answered, they can't not be, it is Universal Law.

So Dear Ones, whom do you ask and how? Firstly, your great God Presence I AM. Reach up to that Mighty I AM Presence within you and that which resides above you, and ask for your I AM Presence, the individualised Presence of God, to surround you in the great armour of cosmic Light substance in, through and around you. Ask to be sealed in this great Light substance. Then Dear Ones, I lovingly suggest that you call upon the Great Archangel Michael and his Angels of the Christ Blue Flame to add a 2nd level of protection, a great wall of his Almighty Christ Blue Flames drawn all around you. And for a 3rd level of protection Dear Ones, I invite you to call upon the great Cosmic Beings to add their great Cosmic Ascended Master Walls of invisibility, invulnerability and invincibility all around your Being and your world. Know Dear Ones that this Almighty protection will be drawn around your homes, your loved ones, your means of transportation and all the outer activities of your life.

Dear Ones, make this call to the Mighty I AM Presence and to the Ascended and Angelic Realm every day and you will be invisible, invincible and invulnerable to all the discord that yet exists in the outer world. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and you are loved and cherished beyond your knowing. Allow us to protect you. God Bless you Precious Hearts.

This message is a gift, please feel free to copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

08:11:2013 -- Personal Protection (Part 1)

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Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

November 08, 2013

Personal Protection - Part 1 

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to be with you this day. And make no mistake about it, it is I. Come to be among you again in greater numbers, I AM with those who have an understanding of me that reaches far beyond religion. You are my faithful followers who have been with me throughout the ages, you were with me in my lifetime upon Earth, one way or another you are connected to my part in the Divine Plan and you have been faithful to my message for far longer than you realise.

My Dear Ones that is why you are drawn to these messages, I called and you answered my call. Your heart knows me for we have been together through the ages and you have stayed true to my message. Yes many of you have been through lifetimes as devout Catholics or devout Muslims and in fact most of you will have lived through a life time in all of the major religions of the world but in each life time you have resonated only with that which is the Truth. You have carried the Light of God that shines so bright within you through the ages of time and you have been preparing for this life time for longer than you can fathom.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones and know that I come to you. Know that I AM with you. Faithful you have been to the message the Mighty I AM spoke through me, faithful you have been to the Light my great Warriors of Truth. And now it is time for that truth to be called forth from you into your reality, it is time now to rise up in your truth, in your knowledge for now is the time that none shall stop you, none shall persecute you for standing up for what you know to be true. None shall touch you my Dear Ones.

And let me just elaborate upon this Truth for it can have more than one meaning or should I say one can look deeper into the meaning. For it is True, 'No harm shall befall the Children of God'. Now this is a statement of Truth but you all know that if you were to step out into a busy high street full of rush hour traffic that it is very likely that you would be run over by a fast moving vehicle and that a great deal of harm would come to you! You know that if you were to step off from a high cliff onto the rocks below, that a great deal of harm shall literally befall you!

But in the Cosmic scale of things, no harm does come to you my Dear Ones, no harm can actually come to you for you are an eternal Being of the White Fire of God/Goddess All That Is that cannot be destroyed or harmed or defiled in any way. Your physical body can be destroyed, your physical garments that you have chosen for this life may be extinguished but Dear Ones, you are not your physical body, your body is not you, your ego will have you believe that you are your body and you are your mind, but Dear Ones, all the levels of Being in this physical plane of existence are merely the vehicles by which you have this human experience in the physical plane.

So Precious Hearts, that is one meaning of the phrase 'No harm shall befall the Children of God'. You can be fearless in this world when you know that there is no death. And there is no birth, you were created millions of years ago and you merely pass through into and out of physical experience. 'No biggie' as you say down here!

However my precious Brave Hearts when I say no harm shall befall the Children of God, I am specifically speaking to you Precious Hearts and I mean a whole different level of this phrase. Dear Ones, you are precious beyond your knowing. You are all, each and every one of you a vital part, an absolutely critical piece of the Divine Plan and for us to be God Victorious (and it is written that we are) you must understand your importance and the precious nature of your life time here in the physical right now. We in the Ascended Realm and all those who are orchestrating the Divine Plan of the 7th Golden Age simply cannot function without your physical presence on Earth and we would not have let you come down here with such an important job to do without offering you some Almighty level of protection to keep you safe from harm.

Dear Ones, we have lost so many precious life streams, so many Dear Ones of the Light to drugs, alcohol, suicide and serious illness due to the stresses and strains of life upon this planet as sensitive as you Dear Ones are.

Precious Hearts you have protection available to you. You have a protection available to you that I guarantee you will come to no harm. None shall touch you, my Precious Hearts NONE. None of the discord that yet exists, none of the tentacles of the sinister force, nothing of the dark and nothing destructive can come anywhere close to harming your life.

My Dear Hearts, this message will come to you in two parts for there is too much information to be contained within one message and I know if I speak for too long, I can lose your attention. Dear Ones, I shall return tomorrow with information and blessings to show you how you can protect yourself, your families and your loved ones, your homes, your methods of transportation and all outer activities of your life. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Hearts, feel me, I AM pouring my Love upon you now. Deep Breath. God Bless you.

This message is a gift, please feel free to copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

04:11:2013Remember the Love that You Are

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
4th November 2013

Remember the Love that You Are

Beloved Hearts, greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day, how are you my Precious Hearts, how are you? You cannot be failing to feel the intensifying of the energies of Divine Love that are increasing upon this blessed planet every minute of every day, indeed every breath you take is more charged with the energies of Divine Love than the previous breath. Huge shifts are taking place Dear Ones, unprecedented in your world and now more than ever is the time for you to dig deeper into what you know to be True, to get closer to all the knowledge you have awakened to. Dear Ones, although your life may still seem chaotic or filled with challenges you will start to notice that it is becoming easier to walk your spiritual talk, it is becoming easier to forgive, to Love, to receive Love and to give Love in perfect Peace.

For you are Love Dear Ones, you must never forget this Truth. You are Love that is all you are. Just take a moment to breathe into that statement of Truth Dear Ones, big deep breath in and long slow exhale out, I AM with you in this present moment. Feel my Love descend upon you and this will make it easier for you to feel the Love that you are. Let me magnify and intensify that feeling for you, breathe me in and feel that Golden Sun's presence within your chest cavity glowing, radiating and expanding reaching ever wider in all directions, FEEL the Love that you are.

Our messenger is very tired today, she has been through a lot physically and emotionally of late so we will keep this short today.

You are Love Dear Precious Hearts. And I invite you to spend some time, the time perhaps that you would have spent reading this message had it been the usual length, I invite you with all the Love in my heart, to say that statement over in your head, I AM Divine Love. And Dear Hearts instead of just understanding it at the intellectual level, the level of the mental body, breathe it into your Being, take it into your body down into your belly and let it infuse into every level of your Being, ask me to help you with this if you are having difficulty. Really let this statement of Truth reverberate around your Being and begin to visualise what that actually means in your everyday life.

What does it mean to be Love in your everyday life? What does it actually look like to you? See yourself Dear Ones going about your daily life, doing the regular things that you do every day and imagine what that would look like if you were emanating all of that Truth from every cell in your body. How would you greet people? How would you talk to your children, your lover, sister, brother, father, mother, friend? How would you engage with those that you work with if all that you are is pure Divine Love oozing from every pore of your Being?

Breathe that in Dear Precious Hearts and Be the Love that you are. Be the Love that you are and you will find yourselves in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is your birthright. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Hearts more than you can possibly fathom. You are exceeding all expectations and you are God Victorious. God Bless you. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.

This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

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